Doctoral Research

Ongoing Research Scholars

S.No.Roll No.Scholar NameGenderSupervisor NameDepartment of SupervisorCategory (Internal Faculty/JRF/SRF/NDF/External Scholar)Full-time/ Part-timeStatus
1241RJPE02 Balaji S MaleDr.R.Sujatha PSG IMExternal ScholarPTOngoing
2241RJPE01Dayanandhan S MaleDr.R.Sujatha PSG IMExternal ScholarPTOngoing
3241RJFX01Chandran PMaleDr.D.Kavitha PSG IMExternal ScholarFTOngoing
4237RJPE01Sanjay Kumar MaleDr.R.Sujatha PSG IMExternal ScholarPTOngoing
5237RJPI01Kalaiarasi M FemaleDr.V.Srividya PSG IMInternal ScholarPTOngoing
6227RJFX01Yogesh S GMaleDr.SudharaniPSG IMExternal ScholarFTOngoing
7221RJFX01Karthikeyan LMaleDr.SrividyaPSG IMInternalPTOngoing
8217RJFX04Viswanath AnanthMaleDr.SudharaniPSG IMExternal ScholarFTOngoing
9217RJFX03Kiruba NatesanMaleDr.SrividyaPSG IMExternal ScholarFTOngoing
10217RJFX02Usha MFemaleDr.RamkumarPSG IMExternal ScholarFTOngoing
11217RJFX01Yogeswari SFemaleDr.SujathaPSG IMExternal ScholarFTOngoing
12211RJPI01Yeshwanth RMaleDr. Joshua Selva KumarPSG IMExternal ScholarPTOngoing
131907RG04Arthi T SFemaleDr. Joshua Selva KumarPSG IMExternal ScholarFTOngoing
141907RG03Manikandan SubramaniamMaleDr.SrividyaPSG IMInternalPTOngoing
151907RG02Divya Prabha SFemaleDr.Kirupa PriyadharsiniPSG IMExternal ScholarFTOngoing
161907RG01S Siraj BashaMaleDr.Kirupa PriyadharsiniPSG IMExternal ScholarFTOngoing
171807RG01Thilagavathi S TFemaleDr.Nalini PPSG IMExternal ScholarFTOngoing
181801RG02Veena Raghavi MFemaleDr.Nalini PPSG IMExternal ScholarFTOngoing
191707RG01Krishna RubighaFemaleDr.Nalini PPSG IMExternal ScholarFTOngoing
201607RG01Pavithra MFemaleDr.Nalini PPSG IMExternal ScholarFTOngoing
21Anupa V FemaleDr. Prabhu Thangadurai PSG IMExternal ScholarPTOngoing

Completed Research Scholars

1G. SuganyaDr.Joshua SelvakumarA comprehensive model on the Enablers and outcomes of Supply Chain collaboration for sustainable growth and performance in the garment value chainJuly 15, 2022
2Shabeena Begam MDr.Vivek NExploration and Analysis of Lean Management Practices in Manufacturing Industries of Coimbatore- An Empirical StudyDec 17,2021
3Harish VDr. Sudharani DA study on awareness acceptance and adoption of ebooks among management students and facultyJan 27, 2021
4Krishnaveni V DDr. Swamynathan R & Dr.Vivek NSustainable Agriculture – Investigation of Drivers, Practices and Impact in Coimbatore RegionNov 13, 2020
5S.ChandrasekaranDr. Joshua Selva KumarA study of service quality for faculty members in using b-school library resources in Tamil NaduDec 16,2019
6Krishnamoorthy RDr. Krishnaveni RBuilding leadership competencies through training activities: a mediation model with transfer of trainingJan 2,2020
7Monica RDr. Krishnaveni RIdentifying the determinants and its impact on employee engagement in IT sector, CoimbatoreJan 3,2020
8Renu Lata RajaniDr. Sudharani DEffective use of capacity and demand management strategies in services supply chains towards risk mitigation and improving company performanceNov 15, 2020
9S. VaishnaveeDr. Nandagopal RA study on the influence of brand perception, luxury value and country of origin on the purchase intention towards luxury carsOct 15,2020
10Sathyapriya MDr. Joshua Selva KumarA study on examining the personal finance attitudes, behaviors and knowledge level among private and public sector bank employees in Coimbatore cityDec 3,2020
11Subhashini DDr. Krishnaveni RDesigning a leaf based performance metric model for organizational effectiveness (PMMOE) with special reference to small and medium enterprises (SMEs)July 7,2020
12Suja SDr. Krishnaveni MuthiahMarketing orientation in emerging economies with special reference to experiential marketing in food retailing outletsJuly 7,2020
13Susana DDr. Srividya VA study of investor behaviour based on financial literacy and volatility indexJan 7,2020
14V RubiniDr. Sudharani DA study on the sensory experiences and the influence of lovemarks on the overall brand equity and price premium in café retail outletsDec 16, 2020
15R ArthiDr. Krishnaveni RA study of impact on cross cultural adjustments and cultural intelligence on job performance of expatriatesAug 13,2019
16Priya ShanmughamDr. Krishnaveni REmployee Engagement and its Impact on Individual work behaviour and discretionary EffortJan 18, 2019
17S SowmyaDr. N RamkumarImpat of competency mapping practices on employee engagementDec 17, 2018
18Vaidehi Priyal VDr. N Ramkumarresoluteness of Individual’s spiritual growth and their performance orientations across different generationsApril 3, 2018
19S.M.DeepaDr. Krishnaveni RJob Characteristics and Organizational Justice as predictors of Employee Engagement
20Sathish MDr. Nandagopal RThe influence of relationship selling behaviour and brand on sales performance of life insurance agents in an indian context2017
21Mansurali ADr. Swaminathan RA Study on purchase intent drivers and empowerment of women by Micro Finance Institutions2017
22Uma Maheswari BDr. Nandagopal RA study on the determinants and deterrents of the environmental economic and social sustainability practices in small and medium enterprises2017
23Umesh ChandrasekharDr. Nandagopal RSocio-Economic drivers of behavioural intent towards mobile payment adoption in the indian context: A three stage study2017
24Senthil Kumar ADr. Srividya VCointegration among stock markes: Evidences from emerging market economies2017
25Sathish MDr. Vivek NA Study on the impact of Supply Chain initiatives and supply chain maturity on the competitive advantage and performance of companies2017
26Parvadavardini SDr. Vivek NA study on the impact of quality management practices on the quality results and profitability of the manufacturing firms.2017
27Lakshmanan RDr. Swamynathan RA study on sustainable business practices in Apparel Industry and its impact on business performance2017
28AraamudhanDr. Krishnaveni RHuman resource management capacity building with special reference to Automotive Manufacturing Firms2016
29MaharajanDr. Krishnaveni REnhancing the effectiveness of resettlement for inclusive management of the ex-service vetrans in India2016
30Sharma SCDr. Nandagopal RIntegration of Website usability with an E-Commerce Acceptance Model2015
31HemamaliniDr. Vijay TGA study on work family balance and its impact on organisational commitment among medical sales representatives of Tamilnadu2015
32Balachandran ADr. Sudha Rani DA study of business incubation environment influences impacting performance of incubate ventures.2015
33Fezeena KhadirDr. Swamynathan RInpatient complaining behavior of private and Co-oerative Hospital Services in Kerala2015
34Sujatha RDr. Krishnaveni REnhancing Human Capacity Through Diagnosing, Assessing And Building Knowledge Management Practices Among Pump Manufacturing Firms2015
35Vanathi RDr. Swamynathan RSupply Chain Strategies and their impact on competitive advantage in textile industry.2015
36Senthilkumar TDr. Srividya VA study on post reform Bank mergers in India: Implications on stock returns and efficiencies2015
37Santhosh BirurDr. Krishnaveni MuthiahA Study on turnover intention of repatriated employees – Experience from the India Information Technology (IT) industry2015
38Sekar NDr. Krishnaveni MuthiahHRD Climate and its relationship to role satisfaction – A study on manufacturing companies in krishnagiri district2015
39Sruthee MayurDr. Swamynathan RStudy of the impact of Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive Competencies and locus of Control on the Performance of aspiring manager2015
40KovaiselvanDr. Nandagopal RCompetency Management2014
41Hari Sundar G.RamDr. Sudharani DInfluence Of Pester Power Consumer Behaviour Among Kids And Its Impact On Family Buying . A study with reference to packaged convenience food in Kerala2014
42Ajith K ThomasDr. Vivek NThe Role of In house travel arrangers on purchase of star hotel rooms: A study with reference to Kochi, The commercial capital of Kerala2014
43Kalaiarasi HDr. Srividya VAn study on Online Banking channel acquisition by customers2014
44Sudhakar SDr. Sudharani DAdoption of CRM initiatives among the Small and Medium Enterprises- An analysis of factors and its impact on Organizational Characteristics2013
45Ramakrishnan MDr. Sudharani DMeasuring Retail Service Quality Using RSQS and Validating RSQS in the Context of South Indian Retail Stores2013
46PughazhenthiDr. Sudharani DA study on the Influence of Celebrity Endorsment oer the Perception and Purchase Intention of College Students2013
47Kalpana JothimaniDr. Sudharani DStudents satisfaction, attitude and behavioural outcome in higher educational institutions(with specific reference to Management Programme)2013
48Reji KumarDr. Sudharani DA Study on Linkage between Customer Expectation, Service Quality Perception, Customer Satisfaction and Related Behavioral Intentions in Banking Context2013
49Kavitha DDr. Nandagopal RA Study on the Effect of Corporate Governance Mechanisms on the Discretionary Disclosures of Indian Firms2013
50Sri Gayathridevi KDr. Sudharani DA Study on Nonverbal Communication of Salespersons and their Service Behavior Towards Customers in a Sales Encounter2013
51Sureshkumar KDr. Sudharani DA study on the performance of technology business incubators with reference to members of infodev network2013
52Mohanavel PDr. Sudharani DA study on knowledge management practices and strategies for marketing excellence with focus on ERP systems2012
53DeepaDr. Krishnaveni RAssessing the Emotional Intelligence level and analyzing its impact on the well-being of IT/ITeS Professionals – with special reference to South India2012
54VennilaDr. Nandagopal RPerformance of mutual fund schemes in India: Pre and Post Recession period study2012
55Arul Rajan KDr. Nandagopal RA study on buying behavior of rural families with respect to the purchase of durable goods in Tamilnadu2012
56NatarajanDr. Krishnaveni RA study on the impact of spiritual intelligence on workplace characteristics2012
57Sumathi AnnamalaiDr. Nandagopal RA study on occupational stress among Indian ITES employees2012
58MeenakumariDr. Krishnaveni RA study on the usage of impact of e-administration in Higher Education Institutions2012
59Ramakrishnan CDr. Krishnaveni RFinance: Developing a DSS system for working capital management for seed industry2010
60AkilandeshwariDr. Nandagopal RMarketing: Implications of Consumer Behavior on Marketing Strategy for Select products of FMCG Industry2009
61KannadasanDr. Nandagopal RFinance: Capital Budgeting and Decision Making2009
62Swamynathan RDr. Sudharani DMarketing: A study on Supply Chain Management Practices in the garments Industry with Special reference to Tirupur garment Cluster in Tamilnadu.2009
63Senthil Raja CSDr. Krishnaveni RHRD: “Research on the Knowledge Management Practices and ITS benefits in south Indian IT organization”2009
64Latha VDr. Nandagopal RHRD: A study on the determinants and outcome of work family conflict2009
65RamKumar NDr. Krishnaveni RHRD: A study of and its impact on organizational commitment and performance in Auto industry of Tamilnadu2008
66Sriprabhaa BDr. Krishnaveni RHR: A study on Improving the effectiveness of Human Resource Department Functions through Capacity Building with specific reference to Textile Machinery Manufacturing Industries in India.2008
67Nithyanandan DDr. Nandagopal RGeneral mgt : A Study on the necessities, Characteristics, Sources, frame work, and Barriers to innovation in the Coimbatore based pump and wet grinder Manufacturing Engineering Companies2008
68Githa S HeggdeDr. Sudharani DMarketing-Bi-directional relationship between channel managers and distribution channel partners and their impact on effective channel management in RMCH, mobile telephony and life insurance sectors.2008
69Vivek NDr. Sudharani DMarketing: A study on the influence of environmental uncertainity, supply chain practices,flexibilityand competitive advantage on organizational performance2008
70Anitha JDr. Krishnaveni RHR: Impact of professional characteristics of educators on teacher self efficacy2008
71Subramani BDr. Krishnaveni RHR: A study on employee Loyalty towards the organization in Coimbatore based Textile Industry2007
72Nirmala RDr. Krishnaveni RFinance: Financial culture in housing finance industry – An analytical study.2007
73ChinnaiyanDr. Nandagopal RFinance: A Study on Financing of Small Scale Industries and Entrepreneurial performance2006
74Divya Prabha DDr. Krishnaveni RMarketing:A study on corporate customer relationship management in Banking Industry2005
75Shankaran G LDr. Krishnaveni RFinance: Identifying discriminating Financial factors between well-run and not wel- run spinning mills in Tamilnadu2005
76EllanChezhiyanDr. Santhanalakshmi RTraining Effectiveness2001
77Dr. Krishnaveni RDr. Santhanalakshmi RIdentifying factors determining success of organizations using McKinsey Model1999
78Ranganayaki NDr. Thiagarajan MTA study of factories influencing the job satisfaction of employees1985
79Surendra prasadDr. Thiagarajan MTHR: Organizational Performance of Coimbatore Textile Industry – A study of Factors influencing performance.1985
80Santhanalakshmi RDr. Thiagarajan MTA study of factories determining the effectiveness of Executive1985