Campus Life

Campus Life

A vibrant community of creative and accomplished individuals, immersed in the dynamic rhythm of campus life.

The PSGIM campus is a dynamic hub of activity, striking a harmonious balance between academic excellence and enrichment. At the heart of our institution lies a culture that values diversity, fosters a passion for excellence, and promotes teamwork. Our commitment to this culture is evident in every aspect of campus life, from celebrating festivals and organizing extracurricular activities to supporting student clubs and facilitating mentoring and entrepreneurial initiatives. Through networking events and various engagements, we prioritize building strong relationships with our student community, ensuring a vibrant campus experience that leaves a lasting impression.


We are renowned among students and alumni as a business school that offers abundant opportunities for discovery, exploration, experimentation, and engagement, ultimately leading to a celebration of life in its fullest expression. We invite you to experience the richness of our campus culture firsthand, to join us in our celebrations, and to immerse yourself in the diversity that defines us.

Student Club

Our student clubs serve as ideal platforms to relax and explore interests beyond the realm of business. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, blogger, or photographer, or have interests in quizzes, music, and dramatics, PSGIM offers ample opportunities to indulge in your diverse social interests.

Industry Connect

In today’s millennial world, the abundance of gadgets and technology provides instant access to information anywhere, anytime, and in various forms. With limitless learning opportunities that transcend time, form, and space, faculty face multifaceted challenges. However, through numerous industry talks and discussion sessions, PSGIM ensures students remain connected with industry happenings across various sectors, enriching their academic experience and preparing them for the professional world.

Quiz Club

Our Quiz Club aims to cultivate students’ awareness of current affairs as an integral aspect of career readiness. We provide training to equip students with the skills necessary for participation in regional, state, and national-level quiz events. Expert Quiz Masters guide interested students in both general knowledge and management domains, ensuring their proficiency and competitiveness in the quiz arena.


Our Entrepreneurship Club is dedicated to fostering a passion for entrepreneurship among students and igniting their entrepreneurial spirit. Through a variety of activities, we disseminate knowledge about entrepreneurship and provide students with the tools and resources they need to pursue their entrepreneurial ventures. Additionally, we offer a platform for students to pitch their ideas and facilitate their transformation into viable start-ups.

Cultural Club

PSGIM promotes a vibrant environment rooted in cultural heritage, encouraging students to explore their interests, abilities, and aptitudes. We actively support and participate in all cultural events at PSGIM, fostering a dynamic and inclusive campus culture.

Sports Club

PSGIM is committed to promoting physical fitness and well-being among students while fostering the development of sporting skills and talent. We actively participate in intercollegiate tournaments, providing students with opportunities to showcase their athletic abilities and represent our institution with pride.

Movie Club

The Movie Club at PSGIM is dedicated to using films and documentaries as educational tools to enhance students’ managerial skills. Through these edutainment platforms, students can gain valuable insights and perspectives, fostering their professional development. Additionally, the club aims to identify and nurture hidden talents among students, empowering them to excel in various domains and become leaders in their fields.