Faculty Testimonials

faculty testimonials

“Many of the strongest administration majors come from the MBA Full-Time program. They support one another and help to form a particularly vibrant learning community which benefits everyone. The students tend to be highly motivated and creative. They generally have a clear idea of what they want out of their college education and work very hard to achieve it by also making us involved in the brainstorming sessions. These students are, consequently, quite successful and go on to excel at a variety of occupations ranging from teaching to entrepreneurship to financial analysis and more.”

Our students come from diverse backgrounds and hence bring a multitude of views into classroom interactions, thereby enriching the learning experience. They are very clear about their roles and responsibilities and are tech savvy, giving preference to experiential learning methodologies. They also arrive at a variety of creative solutions to practical problems presented to them. This thriving student community reaps the maximum benefit out of the Choice based credit system and acquire multiple skills, which help them grow in their career

MBA as a course is an outcome of aspirations. Here fears get converted into dreams; hesitations change into motivations. In two years of campus life, an unfathomable affinity grows between groups and Institution. The way to success is learnt, shared, transferred and witnessed by the young barons from the alumni, society and ofcourse teachers. These birds migrate to other worlds of business and life soon after we support their wings with wisdom and knowledge. People,Planet and then Profits is the philosophy seeded by PSGIM. Here, class rooms are seen as launch platforms, amphitheatre as campus, library as insurance for exams, teachers as Institution, and placements as proud flying tickets. In short, uniqueness is the system here which was never the same.

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