Doctoral Research


PSGIM builds opportunities in practice-based research to deliver indigenous knowledge through cutting-edge research. The institute has produced more than 50 doctoral students who currently serve in various educational institutions and a multitude of industries. The focus areas of research include finance, human resource management, organizational behavior, marketing, operations, strategy management, supply chain management and knowledge management.

1 Sathish M Dr. Nandagopal R The influence of relationship selling behaviour and brand on sales performance of life insurance agents in an indian context  2017
2 Mansurali A Dr. Swaminathan R A Study on purchase intent drivers and empowerment of women by Micro Finance Institutions 2017
3 Uma Maheswari B Dr. Nandagopal R A study on the determinants and deterrents of the environmental economic and social sustainability practices in small and medium enterprises 2017
4 Umesh Chandrasekhar Dr. Nandagopal R Socio-Economic drivers of behavioural intent towards mobile payment adoption in the indian context: A three stage study 2017
5 Senthil Kumar A Dr. Srividya V Cointegration among stock markes: Evidences from emerging market economies 2017
6 Sathish M Dr. Vivek N A Study on the impact of Supply Chain initiatives and supply chain maturity on the competitive advantage and performance of companies 2017
7 Parvadavardini S Dr. Vivek N A study on the impact of quality management practices on the quality results and profitability of the manufacturing firms. 2017
8 Lakshmanan R Dr. Swamynathan R A study on sustainable business practices in Apparel Industry and its impact on business performance 2017
9 Araamudhan Dr. Krishnaveni R Human resource management capacity building with special reference to Automotive Manufacturing Firms 2016
10 Maharajan Dr. Krishnaveni R Enhancing the effectiveness of resettlement for inclusive management of the ex-service vetrans in India 2016
11 Sharma SC Dr. Nandagopal R Integration of Website usability with an E-Commerce Acceptance Model 2015
12 Hemamalini Dr. Vijay TG A study on work family balance and its impact on organisational commitment among medical sales representatives of Tamilnadu 2015
13 Balachandran A Dr. Sudha Rani D  A study of business incubation environment influences impacting performance of incubate ventures. 2015
14 Hemamalini S Dr. Vijaya TG A Study on work-family balance and its impact on organizational commitment among medical sales representatives of Tamilnadu 2015
15 Fezeena Khadir Dr. Swamynathan R Inpatient complaining behavior of private and Co-oerative Hospital Services in Kerala 2015
16 Sujatha R Dr. Krishnaveni R Enhancing Human Capacity Through Diagnosing, Assessing And Building Knowledge Management Practices Among Pump Manufacturing Firms 2015
17 Vanathi R Dr. Swamynathan R Supply Chain Strategies and their impact on competitive advantage in textile industry. 2015
18 Senthilkumar T Dr. Srividya V A study on post reform Bank mergers in India: Implications on stock returns and efficiencies 2015
19 Santhosh Birur Dr. Krishnaveni Muthiah A Study on turnover intention of repatriated employees – Experience from the India Information Technology (IT) industry 2015
20 Sekar N Dr. Krishnaveni Muthiah HRD Climate and its relationship to role satisfaction – A study on manufacturing companies in krishnagiri district 2015
21 Sruthee Mayur Dr. Swamynathan R Study of the impact of Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive Competencies and locus of Control on the Performance of aspiring manager 2015
22 Kovaiselvan Dr. Nandagopal R Competency Management 2014
23 Hari Sundar G.Ram Dr. Sudharani D Influence Of Pester Power Consumer Behaviour Among Kids And Its Impact On Family Buying . A study with reference to packaged convenience food in Kerala 2014
24 Ajith K Thomas Dr. Vivek N The Role of In house travel arrangers on purchase of star hotel rooms: A study with reference to Kochi, The commercial capital of Kerala 2014
25 Kalaiarasi H Dr. Srividya V An study on Online Banking channel acquisition by customers 2014
26 Sudhakar S Dr. Sudharani D Adoption of CRM initiatives among the Small and Medium Enterprises- An analysis of factors and its impact on Organizational Characteristics 2013
27 Ramakrishnan M Dr. Sudharani D Measuring Retail Service Quality Using RSQS and Validating RSQS in the Context of South Indian Retail Stores 2013
28 Pughazhenthi Dr. Sudharani D A study on the Influence of Celebrity Endorsment oer the Perception and Purchase Intention of College Students 2013
29 Kalpana Jothimani Dr. Sudharani D Students satisfaction, attitude and behavioural outcome in higher educational institutions(with specific reference to Management Programme) 2013
30 Reji Kumar Dr. Sudharani D A Study on Linkage between Customer Expectation, Service Quality Perception, Customer Satisfaction and Related Behavioral Intentions in Banking Context 2013
31 Kavitha D Dr. Nandagopal R A Study on the Effect of Corporate Governance Mechanisms on the Discretionary Disclosures of Indian Firms 2013
32 Sri Gayathridevi K Dr. Sudharani D A Study on Nonverbal Communication of Salespersons and their Service Behavior Towards Customers in a Sales Encounter 2013
33 Sureshkumar K Dr. Sudharani D A study on the performance of technology business incubators with reference to members of infodev network 2013
34 Mohanavel P Dr. Sudharani D A study on knowledge management practices and strategies for marketing excellence with focus on ERP systems 2012
35 Deepa Dr. Krishnaveni R Assessing the Emotional Intelligence level and analyzing its impact on the well-being of IT/ITeS Professionals – with special reference to South India 2012
36 Vennila Dr. Nandagopal R Performance of mutual fund schemes in India: Pre and Post Recession period study 2012
37 Arul Rajan K Dr. Nandagopal R A study on buying behavior of rural families with respect to the purchase of durable goods in Tamilnadu 2012
38 Natarajan Dr. Krishnaveni R A study on the impact of spiritual intelligence on workplace characteristics 2012
39 Sumathi Annamalai Dr. Nandagopal R A study on occupational stress among Indian ITES employees 2012
40 Meenakumari Dr. Krishnaveni R A study on the usage of impact of e-administration in Higher Education Institutions 2012
41 Ramakrishnan C Dr. Krishnaveni R Finance: Developing a DSS system for working capital management for seed industry 2010
42 Akilandeshwari Dr. Nandagopal R Marketing: Implications of Consumer Behavior on Marketing Strategy for Select products of FMCG Industry 2009
43 Kannadasan Dr. Nandagopal R Finance: Capital Budgeting and Decision Making 2009
44 Swamynathan R Dr. Sudharani D Marketing: A study on Supply Chain Management Practices in the garments Industry with Special reference to Tirupur garment Cluster in Tamilnadu. 2009
45 Senthil Raja CS Dr. Krishnaveni R HRD: “Research on the Knowledge Management Practices and ITS benefits in south Indian IT organization” 2009
46 Latha V Dr. Nandagopal R HRD: A study on the determinants and outcome of work family conflict 2009
47 RamKumar N Dr. Krishnaveni R HRD: A study of and its impact on organizational commitment and performance in Auto industry of Tamilnadu 2008
48 Sriprabhaa B Dr. Krishnaveni R HR: A study on Improving the effectiveness of Human Resource Department Functions through Capacity Building with specific reference to Textile Machinery Manufacturing Industries in India. 2008
49 Nithyanandan D Dr. Nandagopal R General mgt : A Study on the necessities, Characteristics, Sources, frame work, and Barriers to innovation in the Coimbatore based pump and wet grinder Manufacturing Engineering Companies 2008
50 Githa S Heggde Dr. Sudharani D Marketing-Bi-directional relationship between channel managers and distribution channel partners and their impact on effective channel management in RMCH, mobile telephony and life insurance sectors. 2008
51 Vivek N Dr. Sudharani D Marketing: A study on the influence of environmental uncertainity, supply chain practices,flexibilityand competitive advantage on organizational performance 2008
52 Anitha J Dr. Krishnaveni R HR: Impact of professional characteristics of educators on teacher self efficacy 2008
53 Subramani B Dr. Krishnaveni R HR: A study on employee Loyalty towards the organization in Coimbatore based Textile Industry 2007
54 Nirmala R Dr. Krishnaveni R Finance: Financial culture in housing finance industry – An analytical study. 2007
55 Chinnaiyan Dr. Nandagopal R Finance: A Study on Financing of Small Scale Industries and Entrepreneurial performance 2006
56 Divya Prabha D Dr. Krishnaveni R Marketing:A study on corporate customer relationship management in Banking Industry 2005
57 Shankaran G L Dr. Krishnaveni R Finance: Identifying discriminating Financial factors between well-run and not wel- run spinning mills in Tamilnadu 2005
58 EllanChezhiyan Dr.  Santhanalakshmi R Training Effectiveness 2001
59 Dr. Krishnaveni R Dr.  Santhanalakshmi R Identifying factors determining success of organizations using McKinsey Model 1999
60 Ranganayaki N Dr. Thiagarajan MT A study of factories influencing the job satisfaction of employees 1985
61 Surendra prasad Dr. Thiagarajan MT HR: Organizational Performance of Coimbatore Textile Industry – A study of Factors influencing performance. 1985
62 Santhanalakshmi R Dr. Thiagarajan MT A study of factories determining the effectiveness of Executive 1985