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PSG is a great place to be. Being a part of this institution is an honour in itself. A plethora of opportunities come your way for you to grab on, help find the real you. So, it’s a promise of great experiences with an excellent faculty team and many events for you to take part in.While you are here, build networks, take chances and compete as if your life is at stake and you will be rewarded with the best!

Swathi Krishna (II MBA – Anna D) – HR

PSGIM offers a sea of opportunities with the practical time bounded managerial experience all through the course. A place to get involved and explore your passion with the great support from the highly profiled faculty team and the strong alumni network.

Sandhya (II MBA – Anna C) – Operations

From nurturing our inner talents to eradicating the fear to speak up, PSGIM has polished my skills and added a shine to my personality.The trust that our college has in its students to run so many events is a standout feature. Great infrastructure, a library with a wide array of books and wonderful staff members to guide, I’m grateful to have experienced one of the best MBA programmes.

Preshaanth R ( II MBA – Anna A) – Marketing

In my initial days at PSGIM, I always wondered why people keep coming back to college even after they graduated. Now I know. You will always want to come back and give more to your juniors than you took! That shows how much the college will give you when you’re here. You will always have excess, that you will not be able to handle it alone!

Nivedhitha V ( II MBA – Anna C ) – Operations

My association with PSGIM has been a wonderful experience. PSGIM has several strengths and one such strength is the faculty who provide immense guidance and support to the students. The course plans help the students to balance the academics as well as participate in various cultural activities.PSGIM is one of the few colleges which gives importance to CSR activities and I am fortunate to be a part of it.

Divya (II PGDM ) – HR

Life at PSG IM promises you experiential learning and a rich and wholesome experience of the business world. I am extremely satisfied about the well qualified and encouraging faculty that PSG IM boasts of. Apart from just the academics, the plethora of events at hand, for students to organize as well as take part, is one reason why you should be at PSG IM. Also, the industry associations,rich alumni spread, and the entrepreneurial lift is one-of-a-kind here!

Keerthana( II PGDM) – HR

When you know each day can unfold multiple surprises,When you know each class can give you take-aways for a lifetime,When you know your network of friends from here can be your lifeline for a lifetime,When you know your campus is as young and energetic as yourself, buzzing with fun and celebration more often than not,When you know events organised in here can shape your future for real,When you know this is the place every management student down south aspires to be in,Make no mistake, you can only find yourself here at PSGIM!

Abilash N (II MBA A) Marketing

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