Mentoring is a powerful intervention that could bring about professional and personal growth in the mentored and the mentor. The Mentoring Program is designed to bring together students and professionals who share common professional interests. This intervention involves meaningful interaction with young students that will help them successfully navigate their dreams and accomplish their personal and professional goals.

Alumni-Student Mentoring Programme

PSG Institute of Management is a 50 year old B school which has a very strong data base of 25000 alumni who are very well accomplished in various fields. The Alumni- Student Mentoring Programme is a collaborative initiative taken between the PSG Management Alumni Association (PSGMAA) and the PSG Institute of Management, to connect 120 fresh MBA students with PSG alumni who are established professionals and entrepreneurs. This initiative is unique and is the first of its kind two year long formal alumni student mentoring programme in the country. The objective of this programme is to help instil confidence in students, improve their self-efficacy, discover innate skills, and build professionalism so that they are industry ready. This programme is to have a pronged impact 1) for mentors, it is sure to provide personal satisfaction, an avenue for sharing and transferring their knowledge at the same time understands the present generation students and their aspirations in life, 2) a student mentee stands to gain exposure to real time business scenario and access to professional networks. By adopting this programme the Institute believes it will effectively engage alumni in building the institution and also help the institute raise the quality of education, improve job- placement rates among students and give back to the society, socially responsible managers who will create a better work culture.