If we teach today's students as we taught yesterday's, we rob them of tomorrow. -John Dewey.

Welcome to the PSG Family of institutions of which PSGIM is a valuable member!!

Let there be charity, so that other people can share my family's prosperity" were the inspiring words from Shri P. S. Govindaswamy Naidu who laid the foundation for one of the most respected charitable trusts in the country, Nine years before an independent India emerged, this thought-seed was planted to further the cause of education and the first polytechnic was started under the aegis of the trust. That was the beginning and the acorn today is a magnificent oak tree of excellence in learning.

Joy shared is joy doubled, but knowledge shared is knowledge trebled. This has been the PSG Group's enduring philosophy.

PSG IM in its earliest avatar was a department and a part of the PSG Institute of Technology. Its genesis was in 1971 and later it metamorphosed into a full-fledged institute in 1994, spurred by the onset of the liberalization of the Indian Economy. The 50+ year pedigree makes it one of the pioneering management institutes in Southern India. Active collaborations with IIFT, Alliance Francaise and University of Toledo, Hof University, Germany have put the institute in the forefront of management education today.


Raise the bar in management education and practice - based research engaging faculty and students to become a lead business school in India.


To be a value based Management Institute, which aims to

  • Mould individuals with a global outlook and industry readiness
  • Foster decision making, leadership and entrepreneurial skills through innovative programs and continuous learning
  • Give equal emphasis to instructional excellence, scholarly activities and professional development of faculty through creating congenial environment for practice based research
  • Enhance Institute's visibility and ensure sustainable growth in association with industry leaders, professional bodies and the local community


Pursuit of Knowledge: The institute is committed to the advancement of intellectual and creative enquiry and to the maintenance and protection of academic freedom. Students shall be encouraged by the faculty to realize their full potential by stimulating the spirit of enquiry and acquisition of knowledge.

Professional and personal integrity: The institute requires that all members act honestly and responsibly, holding themselves accountable for their actions. Mutual Respect - Every member will treat others with courtesy, cordiality and respect and extend full cooperation in all common endeavors.

Academic Honesty: Highest standards of honesty should govern the learning, research, scholarly and creative activities of members. Dishonest activities would include plagiarism, fabricating data, cheating in examination and sabotaging the work of others.

Affirmative Action: The institute shall take affirmative steps for ensuring non-discrimination and equality of opportunities in employment, academic and non-academic matters.

Confidentiality: Members, who, in the course of their work in the institute, happen to come by sensitive or privileged information like the academic, medical or disciplinary records of other members, salaries of employees or the institute's finances or its business plans shall keep them strictly confidential.

Avoiding conflict of interests: Members shall avoid landing themselves in any position or situation in which there may be a conflict between their personal interest and the institute's interest.